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Controlling water pollution has become far more efficient since the use of separators. They are an essential tool in separating liquids, as per their density. On ships, they serve a primary purpose. The use of marine separator spare parts has prolonged the life cycle of separators and made them more efficient.

As most ships work on diesel engines now, the use of separators is particularly vital for ships. This is because the primary fuel for ships is diesel and use heavy oil as a propellant. A frequent oil change in vessels compared to other vehicles, such as cars is not possible. Therefore, having a separator on a ship is vital in separating dust particles from the oil so that it can be used as a fuel.

The operation of a ship is therefore heavily reliant on the use of marine separators which has made an environmental change to the industry. Marine separator spare parts allow a cost-effective method to ensure that your voyage remains smooth and unhindered. The two types of separators/centrifuges are:

  • Purifier- is when the centrifuge separates a liquid based upon its density, such as water from oil.
  • Clarifier- is when the centrifuge is used to remove only pollutants and a slight amount of water.

Furthermore, they contribute to the environment and provide the best oil separation. This is because as ships produce an oil and water mixture that is harmful to sea life the mixture is separated with a separator before being disposed.

Apart from being a precaution, this act has become an IMO regulation requirement. The International Maritime Organization and the Marine Environment Protection Committee implemented it in 2003. It is now known as MEPC 107(49), which is a document containing guidelines regarding water pollution prevention equipment.

As per these guidelines, the oil-water separator is to be capable enough to clean 15ppm of type C or heavily emulsified oil and other contaminants such as lubricating oil, fuel oil, rust, sewage, soot, and other substances that might be harmful to the ocean environment.

We understand the need for and importance of marine separators. Therefore, we ensure that our customer needs are met with the best high-quality marine separator spare parts. We recognize the value of separators as an auxiliary system for seamless operation of the complete installation, which is why we provide marine separator spare parts of all major brands in the industry through fast and cost-effective delivery to any location worldwide.

By maintaining a good relationship with the above reputable manufacturers that supply marine separator spare parts, we can ensure that the performance of the operators remains seamless. Furthermore, we make sure that we are available to cater to every need of our customers and provide them with the best quality service and equipment.

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