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Shipping is considered one of the most dynamic industries in the world, and the most dangerous one at the same time. The best way to draw a clear framework of rules and regulations for safety at sea is by creating specific rules and regulations, which is to be followed globally.

The first thing IMO did after emerging in 1959 was to draw up a new version of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment falls in the category of safety for life at sea. Crew members and people living a life out at sea are required to use marine safety equipment such as clothing, helmets, goggles and other types of garments, which are intended to protect people on board from sea infections and injuries. Hazards at sea could be caused by heat, electrical, physical or chemical means, biohazards or airborne particulate matter. Marine safety equipment suppliers with SOLAS / MED certification offer a wide range of marine life-saving equipment, from small ships up to commercial vessels, including personnel transfer baskets, life rafts, life jackets, immersion suits, life floats & buoys, and basket stretchers.

Importance of personal protective equipment

The purpose of marine personal protective equipment is to prevent engineers and personnel on-board from possible hazards, and subsequent damage caused. Personal protective equipment has severe limitations which can result in crew members being exposed to hazards in case of failure.

Different types of personal protective equipment include the equipment mentioned in the personal protective equipment list, which is as follows:

  • Head protection equipment
  • Eye and face protection equipment
  • Hearing protection equipment
  • Respiratory protection equipment
  • Body protection equipment
  • Hand protection equipment
  • Foot protection equipment

Personal protective equipment cleaning services workers make use of this personal protective equipment to work safely in their daily routines.

Respiratory protection equipment

Respirators are there to protect the wearer’s respiratory tract by preventing them from breathing in contaminated materials. This is also included in personal protective equipment for fire services for shielding their lungs against fire.

Skin Protection equipment

Skin protection equipment is used to keep skin from being exposed to the hazardous liquid, fire or solids, which may cause skin cancer, infections in the skin and other medical problems. Dangerous chemicals can come in contact with the skin, which is prevented by lab coats, gloves, and other equipment.

Body Protection equipment

For body protection, one must make use of personal protective equipment such as coveralls. As the name suggests, they cover the wearer’s body entirely from hazardous substances such as hot oil, water and other toxic chemicals.

Hand Protection equipment

For hand protection, different types of gloves exist to shield the wearer’s hands against hazards or for use in different scenarios – for example, heat resistant gloves for working in hot environments. Others include cotton gloves, welding and chemical gloves, and so on.

Personal protective equipment manufacturers and suppliers

The best and top 10 personal protective equipment brands and manufacturers are listed below:

  • Draeger
  • MSA Safety
  • Honeywell
  • 3M
  • DuPont
  • Ansell
  • Johnson Safety Products
  • Lindström Group
  • Alpha ProTech
  • Avon Rubber
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