Gears and Transmission

Gears and Transmission


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Reduction Gear

The arrangement of lowering the input speed for the desired lower output speed in the marine transmission is a marine reduction gear, with either more or the same output torque on the marine reduction gearbox. Reduction gear assembly includes a set of rotating marine transmission gears, which are connected to a wheelwork. The torque is changed with the help of marine transmission fluids, whereas the high-speed incoming motion from the wheelwork is transmitted to the rotating gears set. The number of gears in the marine transmission gearbox is dependent on the speed required.

A high-speed ship using turbines is an example of reduction gears in marine engine transmission. The ship requires the steam turbine to work at a high rpm range to operate efficiently. However, a propeller’s effective functioning requires relatively low rpm range. A reduction gear is used to reduce speedy motion of a steam turbine into an rpm range which is needed for the propeller. Make sure to use marine propeller shaft grease to avoid any rust or corrosion.

There are two types of reduction gears which are mainly used, which are:

  • Single reduction gear
  • Double reduction gear

Marine diesel engine

An internal combustion engine which ignites the fuel by injecting high-pressure air in a chamber is known as a diesel engine. Like all other combustion engines, the diesel engine also works with fixed events of sequence. The turning gears in diesel engines are used for turning the engine before starting up for marine diesel engine transmission.

How reversing gears work

Reverse gearing in diesel engines is used to cut down the medium-speed engine drive down to favourable revolutions of the propeller. The engine itself is not reversed when the gearbox is used with a diesel engine and reversing gears are incorporated. There is no use in reversing the main engine when a controllable pitch propeller is used. However, it is essential to change the fuel injection time and start the engine in reverse where it is required. Re-timing is also necessary where poppet valves or exhaust timing are used.

Marine Transmission Solutions

Marine transmission solutions include changing worn out parts with new marine transmission parts, maintenance and marine transmission repair. It also comprises of marine transmission gear replacement. The marine transmission products for this purpose involve standard transmissions and quick shift marine transmissions.

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