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We deliver you spare parts for main engines and auxiliary machines from many international brands cost effectively and on-schedule.

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MAN B&W Daihatsu Caterpillar
Sulzer Yanmar Cummins
Volvo Penta Mitsubishi Perkins
Bergen Kawasaki Detroit
Deutz Niigata General Motors
Wartsila Akasaka Alco
Pielstick Kobe Navistar
MWM Hanshin General Electric
MAK Hyundai MAN B&W
Stork Werkspoor
Allen Diesel

Marine Engines & Generators

Advancements and developments in ship engine parts have attributed to the popularity of modern diesel engines for ships in today’s shipping industry. Robust and power packed diesel engines for marine preferred by the majority of the marine industry for smooth operations and high performance. Optimum functionality, reduction in downtime, easy to repair, economically viable and inexpensive fuel consumption are all characteristics which attribute to the increased requirement of ship diesel engines in the marine industry.

Marine diesel engines have an extensive range of options for specific usage, from two-stroke engines to four-stroke engines. Four-stroke engines are suitable for a lower performance range, and two-stroke engines are mostly used individually. While choosing a diesel engine for a ship or ancillary Machine, several factors should be considered- including functionality, performance capability, shape, reliability, and accessibility.

Why Choose Us?

Britannia Marine has been providing premium and advanced ship engine and generator for robust ship operations nationally and across the globe. Britannia Marine is also marine engine parts supplier and one of the leading marine generator suppliers. We offer a wide variety of powerful and superlative ship engines and generators along with ship engine spare parts, marine engine parts, and ship generator parts as well for your marine engine and generator needs. Our extensive range of ship engines and generators produce results of varying levels from 93KW to 16,000KW, and they provide high-grade performance and rich functionality.

We have supplied various ship engines and generators and also ship engine service over the course of many decades. This hands-on experience amalgamated with our comprehensive knowledge of ship engine parts has made us an expert in the marine engine parts industry. Headquartered in London, we take pride in the fact that Britannia Marine’s calibre and grade of equipment and service is unmatched.

Not only do we specialize in provisioning advanced and new European and Japanese OEM spare parts for ships, but also promise to deliver increased reliability, reduced costs, and quick installation and maintenance. All at astounding competent prices!

Striving for excellence at what we do, Britannia Marine brings you the best!

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