Control system & measurement

Control system & measurement


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Cruise ships and cargo ships transport valuable lives and priced goods across the oceans, all year round. Therefore, for ships to complete a seamless voyage, measurement and control technology instruments play a huge role in keeping everything running smoothly.

Cargo ships and cruise ships travel for days on end, with no stops and no rest for the engines or the systems. In those days of long journeys, it is imperative to monitor every single unit in the motor control centre that is working on different systems, pressures, and temperatures of the ship. This is the only imaginable way to keep control and record perimeter deviations of the operating systems on the spot and prevent any possible damage or potential issues in the process of smooth production.

To make your trip a seamless experience for the crew and the people on board alike, we promise punctual and cost-effective delivery of control technology and measuring instruments in excellent quality to worldwide destinations. Display of inaccurate measurements can prove to be costly. As much as measurement accuracy is important, readability and usability are of equal significance. Many times the sensor is placed in such a way where it becomes difficult to read the value of the measurements. Some types of sensors can transmit values of measurements from the manometer to the monitoring console’s front panel. As for areas that are sensitive to hygiene in the production, stainless steel or easy to clean plastic manometers are recommended, for example, the food industry.

Instruments we have delivered worldwide, cost-effectively and on schedule:

  • Pressure sensors and switches
  • Pneumatic manometer
  • Engine thermometer
  • Pumps Manometer
  • Pressure gauges – chemical applications
  • Industrial gauges
  • Dial thermometer
  • Electric motors
  • Transformers
  • UPS systems
  • Circuit breakers
  • Instruments for mechanical measurements
  • Pressure gauge Glycerine type
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