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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems work differently than those found in our households. Marine air conditioners are used to keep all rooms of a cargo ship at a lower temperature to hold perishable items of food at a favourable temperature. Marine air conditioning parts are substantially made systems intended to keep several rooms of a cargo ship at a lower temperature, at the same time.

A marine refrigeration system’s efficiency is measured by its ability to keep different cargoholds or rooms at their different desirable temperatures. As each cargo room will have a different load demand, thus, the marine air conditioner service should be managed so that the required cooling is achieved for every room.

The marine air conditioning system is running throughout the journey for multiple tasks. Those tasks are the transportation of liquefied gases, to conserve perishable food items and stores on the ship and to keep a desirable temperature for these items through the long journey of the cargo.

Capacity Control

Capacity control systems help control the production of the refrigeration plant according to the load demanded. The refrigeration compressor is made up of different units working side by side for marine refrigeration system maintenance.

Room temperature can be controlled simply by marine air conditioning troubleshooting. This includes the use of variable speed motors which control the on-off cycle of the compressor, as well as the use of cylinder unloading to keep the suction valve in the open arrangement.

How Marine Refrigeration Systems Work

A marine refrigeration system aims to gather heat from an area of lower temperature to an area of higher temperature. The marine refrigeration system absorbs and gives off heat, acting as a cooling agent. The vapour compression cycle refrigeration and the vapour absorption cycle refrigeration system are the common types of marine air conditioning system. However, in ships, vapour compression cycle refrigeration system is commonly used.

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