The history of Ruston Marine Diesel Engines dates back to the industrial revolution and the formation of English engineering and millwright firm Proctor & Burton in 1840 - which then became Ruston, Proctor & Company in 1857 when one Joseph Ruston joined their ranks.

During the remainder of the 19th century, Ruston, Proctor & Company were mainly concerned with the production of locomotive engines. The onset of the first world war saw the company diversify into production of tanks and aircraft production. The company was the largest British builder of aero-engines during WWI, building a total of 1,600 Sopworth Camels.

On 11 September 1918, the company amalgamated with Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham to become Ruston and Hornsby Ltd (R&H). Soon afterwards the company diversified further into the production of cars - but with limited success.

Their production of diesel engines for marine applications proved more fruitful, however, with the company at the forefront of the field for much of the mid-late 20th century.

But alas, they are no longer in production, with the company having been bought by German company Man B&W in 2000 (after undergoing a series of diluting ownership changes during the latter part of the 20th century). Yet they are still widely used around the globe.

Britannia Marine has the knowledge and expertise to provide a solution for all of your Ruston Marine Diesel Engine issues. While the mention of the Ruston brand baffles many of our competitors, we have a proven track record of producing the goods when it comes to the Ruston marine engine legacy.

So why not send us an enquiry now detailing your Ruston marine diesel engine requirements? We'll endeavour to respond within 24hrs and you may be pleasantly surprised by our prices...

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